On 28th of January, 2021, through the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Youth Development Website, the office of the Labour Commissioner issued a directive on additional requirements and additional documents to be submitted by new applicants for work permits.

These requirements are as follows;

  1. Class A permit Applicant must be a shareholder of the company he/she is applying under or must be a business name owner for those applying under a registered business name. 
  2. Applicants with work permits with a finality condition (final grant) must appeal to the Minister responsible for labour and employment before lodging another application.
  3. Applicants whose names vary in different documents are required to attach an affidavit attesting that, the varying names refer to one and the same person.
  4. Copies of documents must be certified by a Commissioner for Oaths.
  5. Applications for work permits must be submitted by an authorized officer of the employer or through courier services. 
  6. After an on-line application is lodged and application fees paid, the physical application form and supporting documentation should be submitted to the Labour Commissioner within the same Government financial year of payment of the application fees. Unless a delay in submission of the physical application and supporting documentation within the same Government financial year is occasioned by the Government, the application will become invalid.

Additional documents to be submitted along with an application for Class A work permit include proof of transfer or sell of share along with tax clearance certificate.

Tax clearance certificate, return on employment of non-citizens (TFN 903) and sectorial approvals are now required for all other work permit classes applications.

Further, apart from Class A, all other work permit classes applications are required to submit recommendation letters from relevant government authorities responsible for Companies, NGO’s or institutions that are working on government projects.

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