On 27 th September, 2019 the Business Registration and Licencing Agency (BRELA) issued a
90 days’ notice to all companies and business names that were registered in Tanzania
before the introduction of online Registration System (ORS) back in February, 2018 to
update their information through ORS.

BRELA went further and provides the required information that can assist during the update
as follows:
 National identification card (NIDA) and TIN (tax Identification Number) for local
Directors, Company Secretary, Shareholder or Agent.
 A copy of passport for foreigners
 Email address and mobile number
 Residential address (Block, Plot, House) for surveyed areas and Street, District,
Region for unsurveyed areas.

Company information:
 Incorporation number
 Address of the registered office
 Tax Identification Number (TIN)
 Email and telephone number
 Accounting date

In updating a company in ORS the following must also be considered:
 Revising and filing amended forms that were either filed while containing errors or not
filed at all
 Must file 2019 Financial statement
 Informations must be genuine and relate to the informations in the physical file
 To use a person who’s knowledgeable with company law and has experience with
the system
 To pay attention to the comments from BRELA
 To submit an up to date signed Consolidated form
 To file annual returns

BRELA has also notified all stakeholders in relations to the above that, National Identification
Card can be obtained within two (2) days if the Applicant has submitted necessary document
as required by National Identification Authority. (NIDA).
It must be noted that, companies and business names which does not comply with this
notice within 6 months will be blocked from accessing services in ORS.