Procedures for registration of associations in Tanzania are provided under Societies Act,
[cap. 337 R.E 2002] and the recent amendments of Written Laws (Miscellaneous
Amendment) (No 3) Act of 2019] as follows;

 Application letter to be addressed to the Registrar of Societies.
 3 copies of the Constitution of the Association.
 By laws of the Association.
 SA Form No 1 and 2 both in duplicates
 Minutes of authorization to establish the said Association
containing a list with full names and signatures of founder
members not less than 10. (can be submitted separately).
 Personal particulars of office bearers/CVs.
 Passport size photos of office bearers.
 Introduction letters from Local Government Authority which should
be submitted to District Commissioner and Regional
Commissioner’s offices for Approvals or Parent Ministry or
Institution (6 copies of the Application will be prepared 1 for each
approval and will be submitted to the Registrar, the other 2 copies
will be for organization and a Lawyer for records)
 Full address and physical location of the head office of the
 Application fee; as of recent the registration fee for registering an
Association is 10,000/= and registration fee is 100,000, annual
fees 40,000 so far there is no any changes which has been made
with regard to the fee.

Applicants must also note that, the laws vests the office of the registrar with power to inquire
for any other documents as it deems fit for the purpose of registration.